Why The Jazoma Plan?

My Husband almost died on that stormy night.

As he suffered in the emergency room . . . my thoughts turned to our family.

My Husband handled the bills, our checking and savings accounts, the life insurance,
our usernames and passwords, the safe deposit box, our mortgage, and basically all
our finances and important family information.

I never took the time to write down all that information, which my Husband almost
took to the grave.

I created The Jazoma Plan so my family has easy, quick access to all the financial,
logistical, and practical information that is so important to our family and future.
Please complete your plan, keep it updated, and ensure your family knows the location
of this essential information.

Nobody likes to talk about emergencies, disasters or death, but I am confident The
Jazoma Plan will give you peace of mind. So plan ahead.

With Warmest Respect,

Jana H. Leitner

Proud Wife & Mom
Founder, The Jazoma Plan