What is The Jazoma Plan?

The Jazoma Plan stores all your important family information in case of emergency, disaster, or death. Nobody should worry about the location of important family information during times of grief, stress and uncertainty. Available as an Online Subscription or a Personal, Hardcover Workbook. Responsibility survives, so plan ahead with The Jazoma Plan.

Personal Workbook

Take advantage of the web and store your pictures, videos and important documents along with your personal (encrypted) information:

Access your plan on any computer or device
Store text, pictures, video and documents
Secure, cloud-based, encrypted data storage
Print your book from home

What People Are Saying About The Jazoma Plan

Rosemarie B, Wife & Mother of 2, New Jersey

For years I have been saying I would write down all the passwords, contacts, etc. that are important in our life.  The Jazoma Plan Personal Workbook is great for completing the process, and the book covers a lot of things I never thought of.  My kids also feel better knowing it’s not just Dad who knows this stuff.

Kevin S, Husband & Father, California

I am basically the administrator for our family.  I keep most things in my head, especially passwords and logins and other stuff like that.  The Jazoma Plan is perfect for me and my family; and my wife is glad to know at least this info is available to her if something happens to me!

Alan L, Father & Husband, Nevada

“We have a large family, but frankly, my Wife handles all the important stuff like banking, paying bills, insurance, and all our online accounts. The Jazoma Plan will help me sleep at night knowing that in case of an emergency or disaster, I will know where to find all the important information. And our kids now have access to our critical family information as well.”

Spencer T, Son & Student, Washington

“I moved to Seattle to start a new career, and my Dad is getting a little older. I wanted him to complete The Jazoma Plan Personal Workbook so both my Mom and I have quick access to all our important family information in case of an emergency (my Dad handles all the financial stuff, insurance, bank accounts, etc.). My Dad is old school, so the workbook is perfect and he completed it at his leisure.”

Linda H, Wife & Grandmother, Florida

“I have handled all of our finances, bills and paperwork since we were fist married! My Husband is older, and my entire family is worried that should my health fail, my Husband will be helpless. The Jazoma Plan Workbook gave our family peace of mind because all the important financial, policy and family details are located in one book, which we keep close by.”

Tomas V, Father, Florida

“I suffered a mild heart attack in 2018.  Thank God I am okay, but it really made me think about my family and what would happen if I passed away.  I really need a workbook like The Jazoma Plan in case of emergencies.”

Larry F, Attorney, Florida

“Because computers, flash drives and technology in general are sometimes unreliable (computer crash!), I recommend to my clients that they keep written and electronic records of all their important information.  The Jazoma Plan is the perfect repository of important family information, and I highly recommend it.”

Elyse G, Doctor, Florida

“Most of my patients are elderly, and few of them have prepared their affairs in the event of a serious illness, incapacitation, or death.  With The Jazoma Plan, seniors can leave their families a detailed record of all their important information.  The Jazoma Plan is a terrific resource.”

Daisy H, Louisiana

“When we evacuated New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, we were in a terrible rush to collect our policy documents and other personal information.  We lost our house to the flood, and it was nearly impossible to gather all the insurance policies and other documents we needed so desperately.  The Jazoma Plan would have been a great resource and time saver!”

Why The Jazoma Plan?

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