If you died today, is your family protected?

If you died today, is your family protected?

My answer was no.

You see, I almost died on the Florida Turnpike. A driver was ignoring the rain storm & his station wagon hydroplaned into my truck, which flipped & rolled over a few times. I was lucky to be alive.

And since I handled the bills, insurance, passwords, bank accounts, online accounts, mortgage, etc., my Wife did NOT have easy access to our family’s most important information, which I almost took to the grave.

My Wife never wanted anyone else to be in that situation. So she created The Jazoma Plan, which stores all your important family information in case of emergency.

Available as a 100-page Hardcover Book & an Online Subscription, nobody should worry about the location of important family information during times of grief, stress and uncertainty.

From listing your doctors and medicines, to tracking your insurance policies and legal affairs, The Jazoma Plan covers just about everything important in your life, and puts your critical personal and family data securely at your fingertips.

Nobody likes to talk about disasters and death, but The Jazoma Plan will give you peace of mind.

Warmest regards,

Rob Leitner

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