Do you have Medicare or Medicaid?

When Life Changes, It Helps to be Ready

I started using The Jazoma Plan when my dad’s life changed. His wife had recently died, and finances forced him to relocate to an assisted living facility (ALF). It was, what we thought to be a fresh start, and my dad had just enough money to get into a decent place. I knew we would need government assistance in the near future, but I was not prepared for the journey ahead. After just 8 days in the ALF, he had a heart problem and was hospitalized. He ended up getting a pacemaker, but in the process, surgery brought on early dementia. He left the hospital and went to rehab, but he never recovered, and is now in a nursing home. He’s stable and as happy as someone can be in a nursing home.

Did I mention a journey? Well…I’m talking about the Medicaid Application journey in particular. The government is here to provide support for the elderly, but to get it requires the skill and help of a Certified Financial Planner and a Trust Attorney.The amount of things I needed to know about my dad was overwhelming, and I had lots of small yellow “stickies” with phone numbers, account numbers, locations of things, and more!

With the help of The Jazoma Plan, I have been able to safely store all of his information in the cloud, using our super-easy web application on my browser. I can print my own book and have all the information right at my fingertips! Having your important information, organized and accessible for your family members is so important. Protect your family now by using The Jazoma Plan.

How to get The Jazoma Plan

You can use The Jazoma Plan either with our beautiful, hardcover workbook, or our easy to use Online Subscription-based Service for as low as $3.99/month.

Give yourself peace of mind, but more importantly, give your family peace of mind, and protect them in the event of your incapacitation or death. Nobody likes to think about these things, but they happen. Responsibility Survives.

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